I ventured to East London today on the trail of the Cassette Playa sample sale.

Being a long term fan of the brand/designer I knew I would regret not going down and picking something up as you don’t often hear CP doing sample sales.
Carri Munden, the woman behind the brand is an interesting artsy type; not only does she run the brand, she designs everything, styles all the shoots and is a contributing fashion editor for Super Super and ID Magazine amongst many other things!

I got hooked when I 1st saw a video of Carri at London Fashion Week talking about her colour inspirations for a collection coming from a packet of Wotsits. When I was a fashion student; (before I went on tour and didn’t graduate) I basically went on about how cool she was all the time and my lecturer just didn’t understand; he talked about iconic historical designers and I understood the relevance but he just didn’t understand that I was more interested in Cassette Playa’s pixelated imagery and digital show installations…

I picked up a hoody and a tee; £50 for the hoody, £10 for the tee; steel!

If your free tomorrow in London head down to East. 10am-5pm 99 Morning Lane E9.
It’s the last day so don’t miss out!

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