ETC Box Park

I popped in to check out the new ETC trainer store in Box Park (east London). The store has been an online retailer for some time specialising in dead stock trainers sourced from private sellers. The collection in store was varied but full of both historical dead stock and recent dead stock like the Floral Janoskis for example. The prices aren’t ridiculous but at the same time it’s not a bargain garage; they’re selling sold out, hard to find trainers in a good condition so it makes sense.

The Box Park store is the 1st physical store for the company and it’s amongst good company right now over at Box Park. I think it’s brilliant that companies like this are reaching out to physical units; it needs to happen! The market is strong for sneaker heads right now and it’s on a mass scale, the hype is back like it used to be on the 80’s and I’m glad the culture is building back to the extent it started at back in the day. Check out etc online too;

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