Neon pink tiger mani!

I went to get my nails done for the 1st time in ages yesterday. I’m pretty into doing them myself but I love a good manicure every so often. I also love outrageous colours and designs so I usually look for a nice cheap American style nail bar as they can be the best! Usually the pricier places can be good but boring.

I went to my local high street and found a super nice posh beauty salon but then I looked further and found Angel Nails! It’s an American style nail bar run by an Asian family; and as most people know I rate anything Asian or Asian run highly! I wish I was Asian to be honest. I had a full manicure including hand massage and then colour and design all for £13!! And considering it will last max a week I think that’s so reasonable. The other place I looked at was £20 just for a plain manicure.

Basically my tip is to find Asian run American style nail bars 🙂 !

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