Roberto Piqueras

A designer and a DJ; this guy ticks my music and fashion boxes. I’m a musician and fashionista and I love people who mix the two.

I’m seriously into these crazy all over print garments Roberto has designed, they have a slight influence of Cassette Playa more in the way he has chosen to present the brand images; but also the digital printed oversize tees which bare resemblance to CP’s silk print tees but only really in method, the prints include quite different imagery; but not something I wouldn’t imagine Carrie of Cassette Playa to think up either.

Shaq who is a model I recently shot a lookbook with has featured in RP’s latest images including this one. Noticing Shaq made me take a proper look at the brand which I have been slowly noticing popping up around London and the internet.

At £150 a pop for the Tee’s this is more of a luxury street wear brand; most items are one size and a Cotton / Rayon mix. The prints are fantastic and the garment cuts look spot on for this year’s oversized trend.

Check out more here –

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