No chip nails!

I saw this on offer in boots and decided to give it a go.
This is an Acrylic Top Coat by Sally Hansen. And was on offer for only £2.40 in Boots!
We all know when we go to a salon and get our nails done they always look so shiny and we can never quite achieve the same results at home. But actually there are some really good mega shiny top coats available on the high street.
This one has an added bonus of being a super strong acrylic top coat which also strengthens nails and resists chipping.
It really does feel strong and smooth and looks super shiny.
Definitely worth a buy if your trying to get that salon look at home.
I usually get a salon manicure every month or so but in between I will paint them myself like this 🙂

I’ve included all the other paints I used so to to do this look. It’s just casual!

See what you think!

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