Stussy; will it be the next Obey?!

Stussy is one of my all time favorite brands. As a kid I used to always wear snapbacks backwards; I thought I was super cool and my Dad would always make sure to buy me a Stussy snapback.
 So I’ve been wearing Stussy since I could walk!

Obey had a great ethos when it started, and the story that led to the brand which we now see everywhere is interesting and credible. Unfortunately now the brand has been overly saturated and the credit it once had as a street brand is slowly disappearing.

We have already seen Stussy being stocked in Topshop Oxford Circus and online on Topshops; is this the beginning of the same over saturation that will lead us to see Stussy rips at market stalls all over Camden and sold in every store possible on the high street?

What do you think?

I hope not!

Picture by WALNUTWAX

Model KITTY COWELL (me!)

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