Tabio Socks

I recently took a look around the Tabio store in Covent Garden.

Tabio are a sock company specialising in interestingly designed socks and related products like leg warmers, tights and leggings.

I’m a big fan of socks because I often have mine on show. I think a good sock collection compliments a good shoe/trainer collection and that one should go hand in hand with the other.

Tabio are not the cheapest sock store but at the same time they offer such an array of interesting silhouettes and prints matched with brilliant quality and a well laid out store; that it makes it hard to question the price tags. We’re talking £10-£15 for cotton socks and more for wool. The prices aren’t bad and the deign and selection is fantastic! The store is definitely worth a visit, and if your not near check them out online –

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