Lazy Oaf x Nast Gal launch party!

Tonight I hit up the lovely Lazy Oaf store on Ganton Street in central London, for the launch of their new awesome collaboration collection with Nast Gal.

The collections pays homage to Lazy Oafs iconic cutesy, playful colourful signature style with a fun twist on silhouettes with cut outs and floral and fruity styles combined.

I’m completely in love with the whole collection and wish I could just but it all! I’m really into two piece matching outfits and so I really love the rainbow skirt and crop top combo and the fruity skate skirt and bustier combo too!

The party was awesome as always with free ice cream and drinks and their collection’s own printed newspaper. The DJ’s were playing the best old school tunes and everyone was having a ball!

Yey to Lazy Oaf 🙂

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