My past week in food!

Yeah so I really like food and I’m not sure why I haven’t posted this before.
I didn’t want to do it for no reason but ill do a round up of my weeks food from now on.
I’m vegetarian so these won’t contain meat unfortunately!

1. Burger from the Oh My Love Press Party by Mother Flipper Burgers.

2. Cheung Fun, Tofu, vegetable Dumplings and Aubergine in Pancit Canton sauce made by me.

3. Inari pockets filled with Sushi rice made by me.

4. Gluten free toast with Hello Kitty shaped fried egg made by me.

5. Tofu Pad Thai from Box Park.

6. Ice creams from Brick lane.

7. Ice cream sundae with hot fudge sauce and chocolate and strawberry and banana ice cream from Baskin Robbins.

8. Spicey Tofy Sewer from a street food counter in China Town.

9. Vegetable Bun from China Town stall.

10. Vegetable hand roll from Yo Sushi.

Yum! This is all making me hungry again!!!! Dayum I love food.

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