Hyped up galaxy!

Yeah so this week is looking like galaxy week in my wardrobe!

I had to get my hands on these awesome galaxy esq’ items from Hype Clothing. Because Hype has a concession in Topshop and I work for a brand that also has a concession in Topshop (Jennifer Hope) I managed to grab myself a lovely discount on these two.

Designer Liam at Just Hype Clothing has gone wild with the all over prints on this awesome bucket hat and body.

The bucket hat features a simple but amazing galaxy print all over design and the body has an added twist with cats heads floating around a colourful galaxy print.

These prints are like space age sherbet dreams I have when I’ve been eating loads of American candy and watching cartoons but put on clothing I can wear! Yes these were made for childish fashionistas like me!

What do you think about galaxy and cat prints?! Has it been over done?
Is this spot on?!

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