Jeetinder Sandhu |

Newly graduated from Istituto Marangoni London’s Fashion School and getting his collection on the Graduate Fashion Week catwalk we see this young rising menswear designer for the 1st real time in his true colours.

For many aspiring Fashion Designers GFW* is their 1st goal towards a long career in fashion design; and many don’t make it to the catwalk. The photos, let alone the exposure are just so great for your portfolio and the models Jeetindeer has been able to use are just add another layer on the cake he is building for success.

Out of every new aspiring designer why do some stand out?
When I’m choosing someone to cover on the blog- why do I choose Jeetinder over anyone else; I ask myself questions like these all the time to make sure I know why.
The point is print is just so fantastic! I’ve found myself an architectural style designer at GFW* by the name of Jessica Sergeant whome I previously covered; her bespoke menswear reached great hights literally and enveloped the models like skyscrapers with angular walls. But Jeetinder stands out for his classically tailored suits with amazing colourful, indigenous prints. 

My grandma was bought up in India and I grew up visiting her house that is filled with paintings and ornaments of elephants; so my eyes will always pop when I see a traditional indian elephant. 

The use of colour which shown in his research comes from the tradition of the ‘festival of paint’ and his native country’s imagery of the indian elephant mixed with well cut smart tailoring makes Jeetinder someone to watch from now…

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