My week round up of food!

1st attempt at gluten free chocolate mini muffins.

Baked sweet potato, sweet peppers and an olive and lentil gluten free Clive’s pie.

Cinnamon and sugar dusted eggy gluten free toast.

P&B and banana soy shake and eggs florentine at Breakfast Club in shoreditch.

My home made gluten free hello kitty pancakes and Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food ice cream.

My home made sweet potato and sweet pepper katsu curry.

Thai fresh spring rolls and veggie yakisoba at East Street in central London.

Perfekt berry & seed granola and Trek banana bread bar / both gluten free.

Veggie sushi from Japanese Centre in Piccadilly.

Organic mung bean sprouts, chick pea sprouts, rice cakes and avocado humous from Planet organic and mixed fresh and dried yogurt coated fruits with Sobe vitamin water.

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