Pastel hair colour!

To get my hair this awesome pastel bubble gum pink I used the ‘Smart Beauty’ bleach kit and pink dye from Savers! I needed 2 bleach kits and 2 pink dyes to cover all my hair. In all that cost me £12! So reasonable.

I usually use Directions dies but i spied these in my local Savers store and the colours were exactly what I had been looking for so I decided to give it a go.

Each dye cost just £3!!! And comes with everything you need except a mixing tray. I used a plastic container I got in a pack from a pound store. It would also help to have a comb and a couple of large hair grips.

The boxes have really good instructions to follow inside. Basically part your hair into four sections, bleach it this way, wash it out and dry it and then repeat with the colour dye.

There’s no ammonia or nasty stuff in the pink dye which means its less damages especially after bleaching your hair.

I actually did a bleach bath with my hair which means I mixed the bleach with shampoo and conditioner before applying it because my hair has been previously bleached so I just wanted to lift it and not damage it.

I’m really pleased with the results!

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