3D Nail Art from Topshop

So I decided to have a little browse around the Topshop make up section in Oxford Circus today. They have a really good selection of products and brushes and more!

I found a section of nail art on a wall full of different types of nail accessories including these 3d Nail Rocks by a brand called NPW. The set which includes around 500 gems cost me £3.50.
It’s really easy to apply; first paint your nails whatever colour you choose and then apply a small dot of nail varnish to the spot you want a ‘rock’ and then place the rock in that area and wait for it to dry.
I found using tweezers to pick up and apply the ‘rocks’ helped me, and using a clear nail varnish to apply them was best too.

I used Barry M nail paints to colour my nails first, using a clear base polish first and then finishing with that just to give a nice firm overall coverage.

Barry M is also available in Topshop Oxford Circus.

This was my 1st attempt but I’m really glad I bought them and am excited to try them again!

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