Footwear loves of the moment!

Who loves footwear? Do you love trainers, base your outfits around your footwear and spend more on shoes than most other purchases? It’s a growing trend at the moment, I mean women have always loved shoes, that’s a well known stereotype but trainer culture is coming back around and exaggerating that stereotype even more!

The boots at the top left aren’t mine but are ones I tried on in New Look, they are part of their Limited Edition collection. I really like them and am really after a pair like this!

The next are one of my favourite staple trainers; the Vans Sk8 Hi in black and white. I wear these loads because they go with everything but have an edge of sk8 punk about them that make me feel good even in a girly dress.

Next are my Hello Kitty x Vans collab Aythentic Lo Pro’s. I only get these out on special days, and this time I teamed them with some awesome Lazy Oaf socks.

Roshe Run black and lime are next and these are my latest pick ups. They have super soft soles and these are kids sizes so only cost £40 in Nike Town right now! And last but but least are the

Nike Air Jordan 8 Retro Play Offs. I don’t own these but I wish I did! I want a pair so bad- if only money grew on trees!

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