JOHNNY CUPCAKES | The Athletic Collection |

JC is one of my all time favourite brands – I love the family ethos behind the brand, the people who work for the brand that I know/ have met are all lovely and the man himself is a funny, charming lovely man!

The brand has a great image and they continue to smash out original concepts from year to year.

This new ‘Athletic Collection’ is very on point with fashion right now. The sports wear trend; specifically basketball and mesh garments in general is huge in the UK alone. In America is a pretty transitional trend that is always floating about with the sports scene for basketball and American Football being much bigger. JC doesn’t usually tend to try and hit massive trends but this time I think organically they have and it’s on point.

For me its always been an on point trend because I’ve been a Basketball fan since I was tiny so for JC to bring out their own jerseys its rad, and just makes sense.

To top it all off they are reversible so thats two tops in one! Also part of the collection is this awesome duffle bag. I remember JC doing a red bag like this years ago and I loved it so I’m glad to see a return of this style bag to the brand.

Black and white as a colour can just never go wrong and with this simple, yet appealing sports aesthetic; I think Johnny has smashed this mini collection in the net! (No pun intended… OK maybe a little!)

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