Gluten free, vegetarian food post!!

Okay so like I’ve said before I don’t want to over run this blog with food- my Instagram is where I’m always uploading pics of food but it only makes sense to do the odd foody post! So I’m vegetarian and I try to be as gluten and diary free as possible. Lactose and gluten/wheat intolerance run in my family and I am vegetarian by choice but also 4th generation vegetarian from my fathers side. My mammy eats lots of fish and meat so I was always given the choice!

Anyway back to the post – I popped into Sainsbury’s to be exact this is the Horsham branch where I was visiting family. The point is they have an amazing ‘Free From’ frozen section, vegetarian frozen section and ‘Free From’ non frozen isle too! It was literally overwhelming for me with choice! I usually have to go to places like Wholefoods for stuff like this so I’m really really super stoked places as accessible as Sainsbury’s now offer this kind of selection.
I had their own gluten free, vegetarian, roasted pepper pasta and a ‘DS’ gluten free garlic bread. The prices are pretty good and the selection and quality was great. End of food post! Normal fashions stuff will continue for a while haha. 

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