1948 // A close look inside the bespoke Sports Club / Store.

A little while ago I went to visit 1948 in East London for the 1st time; I know I’m late on this but I only moved to London properly a few months ago – so I’m a newbie really.

The space is an interesting wall to wall showcase of Nike from a slightly more artistic view than other stores. As you walk in you are greeted by a wall with sports visuals being the backdrop of an art installation of which currently housing the Flyknit’s as their chosen subject.

Walking through into the store; it has a minimalist approach and feels slightly like a European high end boutique with walls and floor space housing trainers which curve the otherwise straight edge of the store into somewhat of an urban, modern space.

The products in terms of footwear are varied and impressive; they have everything from air max 1’s to flyknitts and woven footcapes. The clothing variety is more specific and narrowed to a smaller audience of expensive Nike gym wear and jackets. 

As well as being a store 1948 also organises and houses sports and creative events and get’s involved with their customers in a unique way. From Yoga to Basketball and a running crew that welcomes outsiders involvement 1948 is definitely worth a visit especially if you’re a Nike fan.

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