L’oreal Pastel Toner Conditioner

It’s a constant battle trying to keep my hair this lovely pastel colour.
Any bright or pastel coloured hair dye needs regularly topping up if your going to keep it looking fresh.

I don’t want to constantly dye my hair so toning conditioner that is tinted is such a great solution!

One a week I will use this stuff then the next week I will dye it. (Check precious blog post for hair dye info).

This is the result of the colour on my hair. My hair isn’t completely white underneath so my hair comes out slightly more peachy pink than if it was on a white base. But I love the colour!

This stuff works in 15 minutes on clean wet hair.
Start at the ends leave it on for a few minutes and then gradually work your way to covering it up to your roots. The reason for this is your roots will take to it better / quicker so do them last!

They come in 3 shades lilac, pink and peach and are carried in Boots and Super Drug.

I strongly recommend these for pastel hair colours!!

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