The Minimal Sneaker Study

For an 18 year old Jack Stocker has just set him self up for a bright adulthood.

As a college student last year Jack was asked to focus on the work of artists that he didn’t necessarily love but that he appreciated, and to study their work to give his own a new direction. He saw the work of Paul Huxley; a minimalist, abstract artist who works with shapes and bold colours to create abstract paintings. Huxley’s approach to art inspired Jack to create his 1st piece the 1991 Huarache.

Last night (8/8/13) saw Jack put on an exhibition at Exposure Gallery in central London to show off 6 of his pieces. Nike were behind the event and all 6 pieces were pre noughties iconic Nike trainers.
Jacks approach and understanding of trainer culture, picking iconic trainers which have had many re-releases over the years; gives him not just an artistic ground to stand on but a credibility within sneaker culture that not every 18 year old can create.
Jack is an avid sneaker head and being able to combine art and sneaker culture in a cool, aesthetically pleasing way is a really hard job. So many artists paint trainers. So many make ok pieces of art work. Not many are able to get the backing of Nike’s PR team and blogs like The Daily Street behind them; and at 18 years old…

It’s not just Nike, Asics and New Balance have also been subject to Jacks creative style. And I dowt he’s stopping there.

Each piece from the exhibition has 30 prints available and hand signed by Jack.

Find him on Instagram @freshlystocked

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