AnyForty | Versus Volumes preview event.

Thursday 15th August 13 saw AnyForty; a graphic based streetwear brand; throw a party to celebrate the upcoming release of their new artist collaboration range.

Instead of following the usual seasonal collection releases, the brand are stepping in to a series of ‘chapters’ which will drop over months to come. The first being at the end of this month.

Roktic is Brick Lane hosted the event in which 7 artists from the upcoming collection displayed their work like a gallery around the East London store, which will be stocking the collection when it drops.

Fuelled by free beer and stickers a large crowed gathered in the store to check out the artwork. Hobbit the beatboxer and his crew of beatbox mates took to the stage to entertain the crowd. They had everyone gasping, clapping and enjoying themselves.

All in all the night was a great success; I even ended up behind the bar helping out because it was so busy!

AnyForty are a brand to get behind, the ethos is great, the collections are interesting and they are helping to push UK artists in a great way.

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