Style Trend – Cute nail tips!

Nail art is massive these days. With Wah nails being a super cult brand taking over Topshop and East London and selling their nail art books in Urban Outfitters.

Nail art has always been big, but now it’s essential for every hipster, street girl and fashion conscious chick to be rocking something great on the ends of their fingers. Nail tips seem to be a great trend right now. They allow you to keep a classy manicure but add a little something cool to the tips; rather than full on, all over patterns.

I’ve been loving the heart trend so I recently went to Peckham and got myself a heart tip manicure. It cost me £12 and I even got a hand massage! I might go for cats tips next time. Or I love the Comme de Garcon hearts too! What else can I try?!

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