Outfit Of The Day || Holiday Travelling Outfit ||

Casual, relaxed, summer attire appropriate for travelling on long journeys!
This outfit all revolves around the camo shorts as these are definitely the boldest part of the outfit. I went for a black and white theme to build out the outfit and the sand coloured cap to pick out the colour in shorts. I then added the orange backpack to add a splash of colour!

Corduroy cap by Vans
Tshirt band merch for Gallows
Shorts by Cedar Wood State
Bracelet is by 23 Jewellery
Watch by Casio
Socks by Vans
Trainers are Sk8 Hi by Vans
Rucksack is by Topshop

Arm bandage isn’t a fashion statement but maybe we can make it one!? Ha.

Have a great weekend guys!

Kitty xox

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