Modern Day Barber Shops //

A massive trend has emerged throughout America and in the UK which in some ways is retrospective; but also can be said to be innovative.

Modern day barber shops. Taking the classic barber shop aesthetic with wet shaves and clean cuts, but adding in modern hair styles, and sometimes even being incorporated with a tattoo studio or shop.

Some of the most well known UK shops being Angry Daves and Harry Blades (Bristol), Aono in Brighton and recently opened but already building a big following; North West Barber Co (Lancashire).

Check out this video filmed around LA in America about how barbering isn’t just a job; it’s an art form, a lifestyle and a culture. Filmed by Thrash Lab. I’m completely in love with this sub culture.

What about a female / unisex version of this trend/culture?

Has anyone opened a female hair salon including nail salon, maybe with a shop and/or tattoo studio? A reasonably priced place with pin up/alternative/classic styles and a family vibe?

If not this needs to happen!

I know of pin up hair salons in London that offer unisex styles and alt’ colours but the prices are high; mainly because of their location.

I know nail artists who offer similar techniques as Wah Nails at decent prices around the UK but has any of this been incorporated?

Let me know!

Kitty xox

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