Travel Essentials

With being at University in Portsmouth, and family in London and friends all over the shop, I’m constantly travelling. I always find myself needing to get a checklist ready so I always have the essentials.

If you’re the same, then you no longer have to worry about anything. Here are my 3 steps to a travelling success…

1 – A Flask.

Flasks are número uno and are THE single most important thing you need to have when you’re on the go. There are several reasons for this but the main one is, what is the point of having a bag packed full of clothes if you’re not awake or hydrated enough to get off at your stop! I also found out on my last trip that you get discount at Starbucks if you bring your own cup, so that’s another positive! You get extra points if its a cute flask too!

2 – A hoody
Okay, so you might think you don’t need this one, because who needs a hoody when it’s 29 degrees outside? Well I’m telling you that you do. Trains and planes (and cinemas for that matter, but that’s another post entirely!) always persist on setting the air con to -1000 degrees, so this is essential. Also another reason why you need a hot flask! And British weather is never reliable enough, lets be honest…29 degrees usually lasts half an hour before we see torrential rain again!

3- An iPod.

I will be vague on this point because it’s rather self explanatory. There is nothing better than chucking your headphones in, turning up the volume, staring out the window of the train and watching the world go by feeling like you’re in a music video… Don’t lie, you know what I’m taking about!

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