The Left Brain Boonie Hat by Odd Future

Odd Future continue to release amazing music videos, controversial hip hop verses and hipster driven, streetwear apparel that frankly you can’t deny to be on point.

Yeah some of us wouldn’t want to be seen in obvious Odd Future merch’ due to the over kill hype by teens. But we all secretly love it. 

This ‘boonie hat’ designed by Odd Future member Left Brain is quirky. In a summer filled with bucket hats this version reflects more of an Australian cork hat twist, to the popular model. A ‘boonie hat’ is otherwise known as a bush hat, and is commonly used by military forces.

The stars and stripes could reflect a strong American design element but the non traditional colour way creates a different aesthetic giving it a fun, bold and playful feel. But everything Odd Future produces is fun, bold, and playful; some may say stupid or childish. But that’s what’s so great about them.

$45 which is about £28.50 over on

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