My first ever Supreme Pick Ups!

So as an avid streetwear fan Supreme is a brand I’m always keeping an eye on. I’ve always posted stuff about them, been into the store to check out the new bits and bobs but I’ve never actually picked anything up!

A very common conversation topic about the store is how everyone thinks the staff are rude or unhelpful. It’s well known they are told to be distant to the customers to give off the impression that they don’t care if you spend your money or not. That super cool, too cool for anyone vibe. However… I was helped by two lovely guys today in the store. Both were helpful when I asked about products and friendly.
In fact we exchanged names and realised we knew a lot of the same people in the scene.
This made me want to spend my money today for the first time since the store opened nearly 2 years ago!

I had to pick up a simple black and white beanie as anything black usually sells out before I get anywhere near the store. I’m a believer in buying simple, classic items from brands you are willing to spend a little extra on, because you are more likely to get your money’s worth from it if it’s ‘wearable.’

I also picked up a long sleeve tee from their new range with a breast print and back print and sleeve prints. Sleeve prints on long sleeve tees are always a winner for me; they have this hardcore vibe to them that reminds me of buying band shirts at shows. I would have bought black but it was sold out; so I went for navy! And they chucked in a sticker for free.

If you haven’t been to their store in soho its definitely worth a visit.

The hat was £26 and the tee was £38. I’d say that’s fairly reasonable and hits the same price points as other American streetwear brands like The Hundreds and Huf. The quality is really good and it’s always limited stock as you can only buy it online or in their stores.

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