Just Hype x Topman Black on Black collection launch party @ Topman General Store, Shoreditch.

Last Thursday saw the release party for Just Hype’s collaboration collection with Topman.

A complete turn in direction to Hype’s usual all over, colourful prints bought an all black collection to the for front.

A simple capsule collection including a jacket, two tees, a sweatshirt, leggings, shorts and a backpack was released.

The obvious A$AP Rocky inspiration carried through the collection and was seen in many of the attendees outfit choices too.

The shop launch was rammed as all Hype events are, and the after Party at Casa Negra was a busy but not uncomfortably rammed full swing dance event. Held by Shorbitch again as always, but the guestlist only and change of venue made for a decent affair rather than an over saturated sweat party as seen at their previous shin digs.

The collection has sold very well and it’s been a good change of direction for the company. Although I don’t see it as being a huge shock as many might have; I see Hype as being an ever changing style hopping brand who will jump with style as it often changes. I think what ever is selling is where Hype will go but in a trend setting, well thought out way with their branding somehow, marked strongly throughout anything they produce. You can’t knock a brand who do well, we need to embrace UK streetwear and high street brands more. And having mostly UK production is a great selling factor, and brilliant for our economy. I’m looking forward to their A/W 13 drop next.

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