Hello Kitty EVA Air US Premier

Taiwan based EVA Air now has a Hello Kitty themed plane flying to and from the United States. Paying a licence fee to the company behind Hello Kitty; Sanrio, the airline have branded everything from the outside of the plane to their staff uniforms, food and travel essentials!
The Boeing 777 is covered with hello kitty themed designs and ‘has been designed to bridge cultural barriers and encourage new friendships from around the world.’

EVA Air already has five shorter range air buses servicing routes around Asia. Each has its own theme and have been very popular. The is the first to fly to the US.

Let’s hope the UK is next in line for Hello Kitty airways! As my name is Kitty I’m pretty much obsessed with Sanrio’a British born feline character. I have even played shows for the brand and appeared in two Editorial’s in their Hello Kitty magazines.
I think a lot of people love Hello Kitty too, right?!

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