Jennifer Hope Topshop exclusive collection in store now!

Jennifer Hope clothing has released a new Topshop only A/W13 collection and its just landed in Oxford Circus Topshop in London.

The collection comprises of all over cut and see leggings, a denim cut off jacket with back patch. Various tees, longsleeves and sweats aswell as beanies and bobble hats.

Mesh and tartan take a very on trend route for the brand and dark colour ways with pentagrams and hemp leaves bring a grungier look to the usually colourful brand. Still sticking with their tiedye through one or two pieces and staying true to their aesthetic with baggy unisex pieces mixed with feminine cuts.

The brand have turned around a strong look for a big player in the high street. I’m wearing the mesh cut up black tee from the new collection above.

Find the concession at the back on the bottom floor in the concession department opposite Offspring.

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