Better late than never! Last week me and Kitty went down to the launch night at Boxpark.

The turn out was as could be expected, people filling the space and spilling on to the street! It was great to see how well MANUP GIRL have done, I was so happy for my friend Jess! (brand owner)
I totally fell in love with the oversized blue batwing jacket.
The pieces are all really well tailored and hand made in England, which gives it that extra special touch.

The prices vary from a lower price point for the more casual wear to a slightly higher price point for the more handcrafted pieces.

Trapstar came with a sick fusion of mesh and logo prints to create a ‘dark’ baseball feel. With Theo Parrish on the decks, there was a sick buzz, a really lively atmosphere!

Sadly the guys were only there for a 4 day pop up…

So for those of you that missed out be sure to check out their websites!

Peaaaaas Juice x

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