Cat Footwear: Fashion Your Future.

Cat Footwear UK are tracking down pioneering creative talent and offering a platform for emerging designers through their tumblr platform. 

They are inviting you to put you design mark on their footwear silhouette with the best designs being shortlisted with the chance to get made by Cat!

Check out my published design above and like/reblog to help me see it made!

Create your own here –

Here’s the info to go with my design from their site;


Kitty Cowell


Design info:

Pembrokeshire Beach Boots.

The imagery used in this design is from photos I have taken of the skyline at night and the pebbled beach ground. Cat boots would be a great shoe to wear while walking around the coastline so I felt like the imagery was appropriate within the design. I also felt like the use of the Cat yellow throughout the show echoed the branding well and complimented the imagery at the same time. All in all this was a fun design experiment!

Kitty x

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