Aces Laces & Stance Socks.

Last night I had the pleasure of meeting Alexis from Aces Laces at the ‘Is It The Shoes’ event at Rag Factory.

This little brand is new and trying to really expand on design and graphics in the laces world.
Not coming from a sneaker background but quickly gathering knowledge; Aces Laces wants to create the idea of customising your kicks with limited edition colour ways and designs in each series they produce.

Each pack is blind packaged like when you collect trading cards or kid robot figures; which I think is a really cool aspect to the company.

I also wanted to mention Stance socks in this post as they are another female fronted foot accessory brand specialising in well designed original and well made socks.

Socks and laces are important if your someone who likes to style their outfits head to toe like me.

Check out the brands:
Discount code ‘aces4me_

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