Kitty, Juice and Maria x Hype Clothing

A few weeks ago we got together at my place and shot some crazy Hype Clothing mixed with our other fav brands to show how we would wear Hype!


Kitty in the HYPE.JAPANESE-FLOWER crewneck with a can of cream soda, a Skulls And Bones Boys Club Beanie and a Lacoste Live skirt.


Juice in HYPE.KALEIDOSCOPE matched with the HYPE.SKYELINE beanie and a tight faux leather skirt and some cute flower bracelets!


Maria Pizzeria in the HYPE.MANDALA tee matched with a pair of QUAY EYEWARE sunnies and gold bamboo earrings and a grey tennis skirt!

in case someone wonder what we wore on our feet:


A pair of cute JuJu Jellies in poppy colours!
More of them in our Behind The Scene photos coming soon.

Photos by Maria Pizzeria and Mr Phomer.

xoxo Maria.

@Maria Pizzeria


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