Taking a close look at the Puma Trinomic XT2 and Suede City models.

Thanks to our mates at Puma we’ve been given some great puma models to test out and take a close look at.

1st up are the Puma Trinomic XT2 which were released recently with a lot of hype surrounding the release. A retro model that has been given a modern re-release with classic puma Trinomic technology. Back way when the Nike air max and the Reebok pump were released Puma had their Trinomic technology which has since gone under the radar. They are bringing back the classic and it’s not to be missed this time! With exceptional motion control and a great classic design.

Next up are the Puma Suede City release. A classic trainer in a nice colourway with a small design twist. A carpet like fluffy material has been added to these classic suedes to give them a new aspect and design feature. It’s fun, simple but a little bit edgy. Suedes in general are a really easy to wear trainer, they are comfortable and give you a slightly smarter silhouette to most trainers. Meaning you can dress them up or down.

We will be posting more features using puma and including them in outfits soon.

For now check out WORN MY WAY

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