Abandon Ship Boxpark Pop Up Store.

Scottish based clothing brand Abandon Ship set up shop inside East London’s Boxpark last week for just a few days of madness – oh and to sell their clothing!

Each day activities were bought to the store so you could buy a tee shirt and have fun at the same time.

On the opening night free goodie bags including stickers and tee shirts were on offer, alongside free beers and good tunes. Other days activities including a pop up barber shop and a Front Magazine party.

We want a long to catch up with the guys, check out their up coming range previews and have some fun!

We were very excited to see some interesting new cut and sew pieces coming from the brand including button down shirts, jackets and ponchos!

This team are young, excited, hard working and dedicated to their brand and it shows. Only being established in 2011, just two years on they are building a small empire! With the launch of their new mens cut and sew pieces and a womenswear section to the brand it all looks to be going up from this point on!

This week the brand are opening up a pop up store in Glasgow.
Check their site for more info:

Photos by Anna Bending

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