Amersterdam based streetwear brand PATTA set up shop in London’s Covent Garden for just 5 days during October 2013.

Being such an exclusive street wear brand; only available in a handful of shops in the UK, having a London flagship store even just for a few days was always going to cause a stir.

We went down to the opening night party and also during the day to have a chat with Timothy one of the brand owners and have a little shop!

Apologies for the video sound quality this was shot very off the cuff!

I asked Timothy some questions about the brand; to me the most important information he gave me was that the reason they wanted to get more involved in London is because he thinks there are more people who are willing to shop the brand here. He didn’t think there is a scene as such but that there are more similar shops with ’dope products’ that bring the right customer to London.

I also asked him about where women fit in with Patta ranges and he mentioned they have tried to do ‘womenswear’ as such but that it didn’t really work but that now they concentrate on smaller sizes of their menswear; which to me is better than a womenswear range!

Me and Juice had a great time and really appreciate Timothy chatting to us.

Check out their online store: PATTA

Pics by Juice & Kitty.

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