The past few weeks have involved us strolling all around London from one press day to the next. It’s that time of year where all the Spring Summer previews are happening.

Fabric PR are a company I have been working with a lot lately and a few weeks ago they asked me my thoughts on DIMEPIECE LA. I replied that they were one of the most exciting women’s streetwear brands around. They then said they might be getting them in- and to my excitement on Wednesday this week they did!

Drinks, nibbles, nails and summer clothes surrounded the Fabric PR office on Wednesday. We went down to take a look at lots of their brands, including Aigle and Duck and Cover and were excited to see the DIMEPIECE collection.

I’m very impressed with the range, the cuts are baggy but still feminine, cool but not over styled. It’s a simple, strong range with a limited pallet that works well with the branding and design.
A strong, credible, well made women’s streetwear brand is something we can only but dream of a lot of the time. Being able to mix in unisex styles into a feminine way is something DIMEPIECE have pulled off very well, and better than many others previously.

I look forward to having a further look at the pieces soon!

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