Squareone Clothing

Northern based brand Squareone are a new player on the scene. Starting small with a capsule range including tees, pullovers, sweatshirts and beanie hats; they have kept it concise and strong.

Arm prints on longsleeves, suede and leather patches, oversize paisley prints and chest prints make up a strong collection from the Yorkshire based brand.

It’s really nice to see brands look for originality and not just copying the usual standard print on the front of a tee and sweat to start a brand off.
Making a first impression on the streetwear scene is important if you want to stand out in such a popular and over populated area of fashion. I appreciate the fact these guys have worked hard to create something different that also fits within the scene they are inspired by.

I look forward to taking a closer look at the brand soon!

For now check out their online store – http://squareoneclothing.co.uk

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