This weekend we are looking forward to…

The second half of the week is always my favorite.

Thursdays are always filled with new exhibitions, launch nights, good music, vibes and free alcohol. Then the weekend starts off from there!

I thought I’d show you my top picks for this weekend.. there is so much going on we’re gonna have to CRAM!

There are loads of great nights going on, but these are the essentials in our book 🙂

Thursday night we are heading over to the DOPE CHEF launch at Boxpark, which should be fun..

Next on the list is The Cut Magazine launch party at the Bells Of Shoreditch, and to end the night we will be heading over to the Motel Bloggers Christmas Party! Super Excited!!

Fridays events… The ever popular Lazy Oaf sample sales which happen every few months will be taking place again at their usual spot at their HQ.

Vans are also having an event, displaying an exhibition of the largest collection of Vans known!

Keep your eyes peeled for more must see events!! 🙂


Juice x

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