Sneaker Freaker Blaze of Glory Shark Pack 5 Year Re-Issue

Arguably one of the nicest Puma silhouettes to date the Sneaker Freaker x Puma ‘Blaze of Glory’ is making a come back!

Originally hitting the streets back in 2008, Sneaker Freaker and Puma released two colour ways of the collaboration ‘Shark Attack’ pack. The 1st was known as the ‘Great White’ and the second and the ‘Black Beast.’ 
Laden with subtle references to sharks in the form of anodized tooth jewels, triangulated attack logos and a translucent Trinomic ‘river of blood’ sole, the ‘Great White’ and ‘Black Beast’ Blaze of Glory’s sold out in seconds all over the globe.  A third Friends and Family Blaze of Glory version was made from exotic and genuine sharkskin and stealthily given away in limited numbers. I’m personally very glad the official release pack wern’t made from real shark skin, and the re-issue wont be either. Although I understand the exclusivity of such a material- I would want to know how it was killed and where it came from. But that’s my own personal preference.

Now Five years later, the PUMA x SNEAKER FREAKER Blaze of Glory have cemented their status in the history books as arguably PUMA’s most successful collaboration projects of all time.  Revisiting such an iconic collaboration has never really been done before, but sheer demand and interest in the shoes convinced SNEAKER FREAKER founder Woody that the timing was right.

Under Woody’s direction, the Blaze of Glory shoes were remade with selective contemporary amendments.  The satin sock-lining is now colour coded, the lush nubuck has been fettled with a deep emboss that mimics sharkskin and a performance inner sole has been inserted to ramp up comfort.  

The Blaze of Glory LTWT is made up of lightweight neoprene mesh with an innovative twist using welded synthetics and reflective materials.  Signature features like the shark tooth jewels, diamond-like logo and the fluorescent pink pop intact on the Blaze of Glory OG black shoe, are still maintained on the re-issued versions. 

It’s interesting to see just how much reflective materials are being used at the moment; running strongly throughout Nike’s sneaker boot collection and seen in many apparel releases due to be out next year. Reflective materials appear to be very popular within design right now.

The PUMA x Sneaker Freaker Blaze of Glory 5th Anniversary pack will be sold in an oversize custom box complete with foam padding and embossed with the project’s trademark diamond ‘shark attack’ logo. 

Unfortunately for small feet they will only run from a size 7. Why don’t brands ever realise that there are a lot of massive sneaker heads with small feet! However for those of you with size 7 and up feet; be quick to get yourselves a pair of these very special trainers!

The exclusive double release of the Blaze of Glory – in both original colours and with a new lightweight version and will be available from FootpatrolHanon and END from November 30th

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