Limited Edition Stooki x Bench – Artist Series.

London based art collective Stooki were the winners of last years Innovative Bench Self Made competition.

As a trio; Nadia, Luke and Quincey make up the creative talent behind Stooki. An independent fashion label bringing elements of music, interactive art, jewellery and apparel together to make up Stook; sound, vision and play.

This collaboration sees each Stooki artist create their own version of the collab’ tee with Bench. Nadia used imagery of a jewellery bench with all it’s tools to create ‘vision,’ Quincey used imagery of a skateboarder wearing Stooki jewellery and apparel for ‘play,’ and Luke used an image if a CDJ at a sporting event he was djing at for ‘sound.’

Bench was born in the UK in 1989 and can now be found in over 30 countries worldwide. Known for their functional easy to wear clothing, it’s nice to see Bench stepping outside the box and collaborating with new, young talent.

The collection is available exclusively online at RRP £28 each.

I’ve opted for a white version and I love it!

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