As you know, The Unisex Mode team recently passed through the Adidas SS14 press day and so here comes the second part of our posts to show you what’s going to be on offer next year!

The Adidas Originals room was the most exciting for myself, and we all picked our favourite pieces from this room, but I’ll save that until last.

Okay, so lets get stuck in…


The SS14 line for Adidas Originals is definitely up my street. The Polka-dot Tech Supers definitely caught my eye as a must have for 2014. Adidas really are stepping up their prints and patterns game to compete with what Nike has been releasing recently and Adidas 2014 doesn’t look like it’s going to disappoint.

In fact, something that I was seething about was when Nike took a perfectly good silhouette and chucked a heel in it and called it Sky-Hi, but the reinvented Adidas wedge didn’t actually have the same affect on me. I actually fell in love with the Adidas wedge and it’s definitely something I would legitimately consider wearing on a night out! I didn’t even turn my nose up at the plat form Superstars! For some reason there is something so right about a shell toe and platform in one shoe!


Jeremy Scott stuff isn’t for everyone. I personally think it’s very hit and miss with his collaborations but nonetheless; every single collection has been a success for him. His SS14 collaboration features some absolutely insane prints and J Scotts standard bright and wild colour palette. Featuring neon mesh bombers, wacky jerseys with gorgeous beading and Pearly Kings and Queens inspired embroidery, his clothing is second to none. His floral basketball jersey has already been seen on the likes of Rihanna, and it’s one of several pieces I’d want in my own wardrobe.

His footwear on the other hand… lets just say definitely puts the ‘original’ in Adidas Originals. It’s all a bit too out there for me, with the wings and OTT trimmings; but that’s Jeremy Scotts trademark and you have to admire him for it.


We also saw the American Sports pieces from Adidas Originals and it surpassed expectations. My favourite piece came from this section of the Adidas Originals room; I completely fell in love with the fur lined "DETROIT" jacket. All of us ladies at the Unisex Mode have always liked this stuff and we were all really impressed yet again. 

Overall, this room was definitely an impressive one, and we all left wanting more than one piece from each of the collections. There will be a small post soon coming to show our favourite picks (even though you already know mine!) There is loads of exciting stuff coming up on the blog. Keep an eye out for ADIDAS SS14 PREVIEWS Part 3 and our review from Coffin On Cake PR Press Day too!

Shangry x

Pics by Shan Gry 

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