Running Essentials

His and hers running essentials for winter.


iPhone 5

iPhone Earbuds

Puma Trac Running App

Puma Mihara my-71

Duffer Jersey Shorts

Crooks and Castles Hoody


Nike Roshe Run

Truck Fit Tee

H&M Jogging Bottoms

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 earbuds

Nike+ Running App

Crooks and Castles Sweat

We felt it was only right to try out both the Puma and Nike running apps as we are running in their trainers. Both apps are very similar and give you nice features like the music to run to options, and counting your metres and calories burned.

The main difference is the communities you share the apps with; you can build a network of runners on both apps; the Nike app pushes the share option with you a lot in order to share your achievements with friends, where as the Puma app is more subtle with this feature and gives you the option to explore other peoples shared routes.

All in all I just feel its fair to use whatever app your running in but basically they do the same thing!

Styled/shot by Kitty Cowell

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