Recent Eats!

I love food. I love taking pictures of food. I love eating and cooking food! And for every other foody like me: here’s some of mine and the teams recent eats!

1 Quorn Spag Bol home made by me with a side of garlic Pizza bread.

2 Pie and Mash with parsley sauce at Broadway market. Mine was Quorn mince the other was real mince. £5 each with a drink!

3 Sane press day cupcakes.

4 Fried Tofu, fried sweet potato, avocado and spinach salad made by moi. Tastes so good! Fry with vegetable or olive oil.

5 Pancakes with poached eggs, bananas and maple syrup made by moi!

6 A slice of margarita pizza while on set shooting our ‘Girls in Boxers’ editorial at Far Rock Away in Shoreditch.

7 Pasta made by my boyfriend with tomatoes, mushrooms and sweetcorn. It’s the fact it’s been cooked for you!

8 Mexican team food with most of T.U.M crew at Tortilla in central.

9 Margarita Pizza again at Far Rock Away with some of the T.U.M team.

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