My Dream London Apartment 

I think where you live is so important for your peace of mind. Architecture and feng shui have always fascinated me and I love to dress out houses I live in.

I have moved so many times in times I can’t keep count! I used to live in Newport, then Cardiff and now London. I have been dreaming of living in London for years; I was born here and I moved away as a child. I think I’ve always felt at home in London. I’m very happy to be here now; but in the past year I’ve gone from my aunties floor to Maida Vale and now South London; but I spend most of my time in East London where my friends are and because that’s where everything happens! I would ideally like to live there.

Here’s some amazing apartments I have found available right now. The 1st is a 3 bedroom apartment in East London E2 and the second is a 3 bed again in N5. Both are found on the Urban Spaces site which has a really interesting story to tell for architecture and design; check them out! 

I would absolutely love to live somewhere like this with some mates. I’d rather a 4/5 bed house as I love people being around me; I like to share, to cook dinner in groups and have a little family atmosphere. It’s just fun!

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