FSTL By Freestyle bringing us the best in dog related apparel.

FSTL is a brand birthed from Freestyle Skate Store. Freestyle has two physical shops in Cwmbran and Newport, South Wales and an online store selling skate and street apparel and hard ware. FSTL has been the shops own brand for many years constantly selling out every drop they make and being a massive success locally and a far.

Family, Strength, Truth, Loyalty is the ethos behind the brand which is the motto of store owner ‘Grim’ who strongly believes in PMA (positive mental attitude) and wishes to push this message through the brand. Having roots based in the punk, hardcore, street and skate scenes the designs are cool, well thought out and able to appeal to a lot of people.

Grim has always had dogs around him and the above two designs feature his late dog Buster and his current dude ‘Buddy’ the French bulldog. There have been more designs featuring Grim’s family and friends dogs and there are soon to be new designs released featuring some of the best ‘characters’ from around his hood which happen to be French bulldogs, pug mixes and Boston terriers.

The dogs are all amazing dudes, with brilliant personalities so it only makes sense to turn them into characters for designs. Keep your eyes peeled on here for the new releases in the next few weeks.

For now head over to www.freestyleskatestore.com for their current releases.

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