Preened London

Preened London are a make up agency who look after a whole load of amazing make up artists in and around London.

I am now an ambassador for the company and will be getting them to do my make up for most events, shoots etc that I do.

Founded by Sarah and Lois one of which is a business mind and the other a make up artist and business woman combined. Sarah used to be a producer and musician who’ve career I followed for years. She has turned her hand at many different ventures and has in each reached a great level of success whether she realises it or not. Being a musician she was never huge, but her presence within the industry and the press to back up it up was never small.

I am really excited to work with such a strong team, being so busy myself it really takes the pressure off to know I can really on someone else to help me look good when I’m rushing from one event to the next.

Above you can see some examples of make up the girls have already done with me.

If your looking for a make up artist please check out this company! They also do make up for many celebrities including some of the MTV team.

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