Our good friends over at Educate Elevate dropped their new collection a couple of weeks ago!

“UK based independent label Educate Elevate have announced that their hotly anticipated new collection is due to launch this week. The growing streetwear brand, which includes co-signs from the likes of Etta Bond, SlimKid of The Pharcyde, RoxXxan and Tamera Foster stated in the past, a desire to create technical, high quality garments and move away from the “in your face” bold branding on basic t-shirts which took over their first collection back in 2012.”
Creative directors Faith & Suzan say of the collection:
“We hope that this project shows the growth of the brand and our transition from simple products to carefully designed and constructed garments. When we launched Educate Elevate just over a year ago we never imagined it would gain the attention it has and we’re overwhelmed with the support we’ve received so far. We wanted to move away from basic t-shirts and concentrate on the quality and design of our new products. Manufacturing in the UK was something that was really important to both ourselves and our customers, due to our aspirations to be as ethical as possible as a company. The collection was heavily inspired by supergroup TLC and their oversized baggy colourblock clothing, we wanted it to capture the essence of the brand’s ethos despite the low-key logo branding.”
The collection consists of 8 new garments, spanning from panelled sweatshirts to cropped sweats and doorknocker earrings.

The key piece in this collection, and my favourite too is the 90’s inspired quilted bomber jacket. This also comes in two colours like the rest of the collection and features a strong X colour contrast back panelling.

The collection ranges from £20 – £80!

Check our their website HERE.
Juice x

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