Blond Hairspiration!

So I’ve had the most insane love obsession with my pastel peachy pink hair for months. But recently I got a bit ill and for a few weeks couldn’t do much! Pink hair needs a lot of up keep and while its no big deal I felt like going a bit more natural as it doesn’t involve weekly dying sessions.

To get blond hair inspiration I’ve been looking at some babe-ing styles and I thought you guys might like to see some blond hair inspiration for yourselves.

I’ve gone for highlights to break up the bleach blond I had under my pink hair. It’s still really blond but just a tad more natural and has a nice subtle root fade so as it grows my natural dark blond roots will naturally fade into the blond which is what I want.

I still have a very subtle tone of baby pink in my hair and I may add pastel colours in sections or as dip dye as time goes on. But for now my new hair is the last picture above.

Highlights are in for 2014! That’s my hair tip 😉

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